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Aint Gon Be Your Low Down Dog No More - Dr. Feelgood (6) / Piano Red - Let Me Play With Your Poodle (Vinyl, LP)

by Julmaran

9 thoughts on “ Aint Gon Be Your Low Down Dog No More - Dr. Feelgood (6) / Piano Red - Let Me Play With Your Poodle (Vinyl, LP) ”

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  7. Dr. Feelgood (6) / Piano Red ‎– Let Me Play With Your Poodle Label: Poodle Records (2) ‎– PR/5(1).
  8. Sep 18,  · Dr. Ernest E. Ward, Jr. writes that if your dog is "panting more than normal, fatigues easily, or suddenly has loud or noisy breathing, it should be examined by your veterinarian immediately.
  9. A1 Dr. Feelgood A2 Right String Baby,But The Wrong Yo-Yo A3 Betty And Dupree A4 Let Me Play With Your Poodle A5 Goodby A6 Ain't Gon' Be Your Low Down Dog No More B1 Sloppy Drunk Blues B2 Funny Reefer Man B3 Kun-Cha B4 Let's Fall In Love B5 Red's Pine Top B6 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone.

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